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Who are we?

This site was developed to provide as much accurate and real time information as possible to investors regarding the SEC filing against National Note, its affiliate companies and Wayne Palmer.

We, like you, are investors of National Note.  This is an independent undertaking and is not managed or overseen by the former management or employees of National Note or its affiliates.  We find ourselves, like you, at significant risk. 

We have but one objective, and that is to preserve the value of our investment in National Note.  Although the SEC and the court-appointed Receiver have a duty to act in the best interest of the investors, we are inviting all National Note investors to join with us to provide a united and clear voice to the Receiver, the SEC and the court for the protection of our assets.
Please review the links provided in the command bar above.  These will clarify the details of the circumstances we face and our efforts to remedy them.

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